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The Variations Audio Timeliner is an audio annotation and analysis tool for creating and labeling bubble diagrams. These diagrams can be used to navigate music or other audio for detailed study.

Sample Timeline

Originally created as part of Indiana University's Variations Digital Music Library, the Variations Audio Timeliner can now be used independently of the other tools. Files on the computer's hard drive in many formats, such as mp3, wav, and midi, can be connected to the timeline, diagrammed, and annotated.

The full Variations system provides online access to streaming audio and scanned score images with a flexible access control framework to ensure respect for intellectual property. In addition to access tools, Variations also includes analysis and annotation tools useful in music teaching and learning. With Variations, institutions can digitize materials from their own collections and provide those materials to their students and faculty in support of teaching, learning, and research. For more information about Variations, visit the Variations3 project website.

NOTE: As of September 2016, one of the original developers of the Variations Audio Timeliner has released a new version, Audio Timeliner 2.0, which no longer requires QuickTime in order to open and playback audio files. Users may find Audio Timeliner 2.0 easier to install and run on modern Windows and Mac systems than the older Variations Audio Timeliner.